Unpacks font characters from a FNT file into a directory.

The first parameter must be the name of the directory in which the font chars should be unpacked. The program creates the directory automatically if it does not yet exist.

The second parameter specifies the filename of the FNT file to read. If the parameter is missing or is "-" then the input is read from stdin.

A FNT file does not contain any information about cursor image dimensions.

If you are reading input from stdin then you must also specify the number of font characters to read. The default is 172 characters.




-q, --quantity  The number of font characters in the FNT file (Default: Auto 
                or 172)
-d, --debug     Shows stacktrace when an error occurs
-h, --help      Display help and exit
-V, --version   Display version and exit  


The following command reads Wasteland's colorf.fnt file and writes each font character into a PNG file in the specified output directory:

unpackfnt c:\font c:\wland\colorf.fnt