With the decodepic program you can convert a Wasteland PIC file into a standard image format file (like PNG, JPEG and BMP).

Without any parameters decodepic reads the input from stdin and writes it to stdout. With one parameter the input is read from the specified file and the output is written to stdout. If you specify two parameters then the input is read from the first file and the output is written to the second file. You can also specify a minus character ("-") as filename which also means reading from stdin or writing to stdout.

If you choose to write the output to stdout then you have to specify the output format with the format parameter which defaults to PNG. If you specify an output filename then the format is automatically determined by the file extension.

If the PIC file has not the size 288x128 then you must specify the real size with the width and height parameters because no size information can be read from a Wasteland PIC file.


decodepic [OPTION]... [INPUT [OUTPUT]]


-W, --width    The width of the PIC file (Default: 288)
-H, --height   The height of the PIC file (Default: 128)
-f, --format   The image format if writing to stdout (Default: PNG)
-d, --debug    Shows stacktrace when an error occurs
-h, --help     Display help and exit
-V, --version  Display version and exit


The following command reads Wasteland's title.pic, converts it to a PNG and writes it to the file title.png in the current directory.

decodepic c:\wland\title.pic title.png

The resulting file is a 4-bit color PNG: