Packs maps, savegame and shop item list XML files into a game file.

The first parameter must be the name of the directory which holds the XML files describing the maps, the savegame and the shop item lists. This directory must contain maps with the filename map00.xml (for game1 up to map19.xml, for game2 up to map21.xml), a savegame.xml and a shop item list file with the filename shopitems0.xml (game1 needs also the files shopitems1.xml and shopitems2.xml).

The easiest way to initialize a game directory is using unpackgame to unpack the original data from the game.

The second parameter specifies the filename of the game file to write. If the parameter is missing or is "-" then the output is written to stdout.




-D, --disk     The disk index (0 for game1 or 1 for game2)
               Default is automatically determined by looking at the number
               of maps.
-d, --debug    Shows stacktrace when an error occurs
-h, --help     Display help and exit
-V, --version  Display version and exit


Let's assume you have unpacked the game1 file into c:\game1 with the unpackgame program and you have modified some files. To build a custom game1 with these changes just run this command:

packgame c:\game1 c:\wland\game1

Please note that for now you can't create game files which are larger then the original file. The program will complain about a to large size and the game won't run with the new game file. If this happens you have to make the map, which is to large, less complex. You could try shortening texts and remove details from the tilemap or something like that.