When modifying any of the data files consisting of multiple MSQ blocks then the offsets to those MSQ blocks are most likely different to the offsets which are hardcoded in the wl.exe file. This program fixes all these offsets. So you should run this program whenever you change the allhtds*, allpics* or game* files. Just give the program the name of the directory where the Wasteland files are installed.

fixwloffsets also displays warnings if a modified file is larger then the original file because larger files can cause trouble because they may no longer fit into their space in the data segement. Maybe they overwrite other data and this may cause crashes and other strange behaviours.

fixwloffsets assumes that the wl.exe is already unpacked with an EXE unpacker.


fixwloffsets [OPTION]... DIRECTORY


-d, --debug    Shows stacktrace when an error occurs
-h, --help     Display help and exit
-V, --version  Display version and exit


The following command fixes the offsets in the wl.exe file. It assumes that all wasteland files are installed in c:\wland.

fixwloffsets c:\wland